Using Office 365

To generate signatures using the data stored in Office 365, you will need to download the "Signature-CreatorTool.exe". This will connect you to your organizations Office 365 subscription, which will then pull down the dynamic content needed in your signature. 


Before we run the tool, we need to ensure we have the O365-settings.txt file setup correctly. Below is a sample of how your file should appear: 

It is important to note, that you DO NOT change the arrangement of lines. If you do, you will need to recreate the settings file for the application to function correctly. 

Also keep in mind, we are working in the root directory of the Creation application. Here is what your currently working directory should look like:

Once you have set up your O365 settings file, you will want to launch "Signature-CreatorTool.exe" and select option 1. 

At this point there is very little interaction required from the user, aside from entering your email and password. If you have any errors in your settings file, the program will notify you, and you will have to correct the problem and re-run the application to continue. 

Once the application has finished running and you are presented with a success message, you will be able to check your signatures in the output directory. If you are unhappy with the results, you can simply delete the files, and re-run the application to create new signatures with your updated template. 


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