Using Active Directory

In order to create your signature files using dynamic content from Active Directory, you need to ensure the following steps are taken. 


You MUST run this portion of the application from your Domain Controller. If you are running this on a workstation, it will NOT work. 


Step 1:

Edit the AD-settings.txt file to reflect your environment. 

When editing this file, ensure that you DO NOT change the order of the lines as they are positioned to run against our application. If you alter the spacing, you will run into errors when running the application. 


Step 2:

Now that you have your settings file set up, you can now execute the "Signature-CreatorTool.exe". 

In this tutorial, we are going to go ahead and select option 2.

If you run into any errors along the way, you will be required to resolve them before continuing. The application will need to be restarted after the error has been fixed. 


Step 3: 

If you had correctly set up AD-settings.txt file, there is not much more user interaction after you've selected option 2 from the Menu. If you run into errors the program will indicate what the error is, and what needs to be fixed. Assuming you've successfully ran the program without errors, once its completed you should see the following message:


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